In a nutshell, we are a DIY family building a better life by living DIYfferent.

We are a conservative Christian family trying to live a healthy and wholesome life. I have to say that we can do nothing of ourselves without the gifts we were given; The ability to work and build, to solve problems and be creative, to be patient and persevering, to learn and to grow. We have come so far from where we started and it’s amazing.

Starting with very little, we have worked our way from job to job and home to home, learning and growing along the way. We are avid DIYers and are ready to tackle almost any project that is in front of us. From home renovation to home schooling, we live our life hands on and usually do things a little bit different.

In April 2016 we started creating videos to share our journey with others. It was in this that we hoped to find community and it has been an adventure of its own. Our videos have grown with us, as well as our community of friends and viewers. We continue in hopes to encourage, entertain, and inspire with our real life, “inspire to” style vlogs.

We are a simple livin’, healthy eatin’, home-schoolin’, minimalist, wireless-free, wholesome, DIY family trying to do the best we can 🙂

Our Current Home

Our path in life has brought us to a cute little property in Florida. This property needs help but we are here to help it. We are working day by day to bring it back to life and make it beautiful. The area is gorgeous, the weather is amazing, and we are grateful to be here. This will be our home base and mini-homestead while we put down roots and keep an eye out for a nice piece of land for our next adventure…