Master Bedroom | Wiring the Bedroom

running wire

Installing electrical boxes is quick and easy. We really love using adjustable boxes that allow you to set the box depth after finishing the wall. It really helps create a more professional finish in the end.

There wasn’t too much to share at this point but we made some great progress on the master bedroom and we are one step closer to installing the insulation!

2 thoughts on “Master Bedroom | Wiring the Bedroom

  1. Hiyah!

    I have a question. During your rewiring what made you decide to run the electical underneath the house? My husband is an electrician and said that is how it is normally done. But my concern would be pests getting at the wires.

    1. Hi, there really shouldn’t be any pests under the house that could harm the wires. Wiring from below is pretty common and we like it because the wires are easily accessible for future work and it’s easier to run them down there.

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