Master Bedroom | Hanging Drywall DIY Style

installing drywall

Yes! We are finally ready to hang drywall. It’s always exciting to see a room entering finish work. Unfortunately this is the job we dread the most. Installing drywall is no easy task. It’s heavy, fragile, and difficult to finish well. Even though we have hung drywall many times, we still struggle at achieving the smooth finish we want. At least it’s affordable.

The most important thing is to be patient and have the right tools for the job. One of our best drywall investments was our drywall lift. I can’t imagine hanging drywall across our ceilings without it. We looked at lot’s of drywall lifts and ended up choosing the GypTool Drywall Hoist. It really stood out from the rest in terms of quality, features, and cost. We really enjoy the ratcheting winch crank. Link:

We also share a really great drywall hack for perfectly level ceilings. You’ll be amazed that you’ve never seen end seams finished like this before, but it works!

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