DIY Art & Photo Wall Display

art wall display

This easy to build art wall is a really great way to display and change out your art or photos with damaging the walls. We were able to build this using leftover wood but it could easily be built using 1×2 boards.

We hope this video project inspires you to be creative!

2 thoughts on “DIY Art & Photo Wall Display

  1. Hi!!
    My Aunt Cathy is in love with your channel and wanted me to relay the following message..
    “I have been watching this YouTube channel and fallen in love with the couple. I did a painting that I want to send to them but can’t figure out how. I subscribed to their channel but to leave a comment it wants me to create a channel which I don’t want to do. Is there any other way to find out how to send them something?”

    I think you guys prefer to live off the grid. So maybe I could just send a pic? It would make her smile 🙂

    Many thanks

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