Chicken Coop Build

chicken coop

Build with us as we create a unique and practical chicken coop from the ground up. We knew that we wanted a coop that was easy to clean, looked good, was predator proof, and provided lots of ventilation while protecting the chickens from the elements.

This build went pretty smoothly, but we did have to make some changes along the way. In the end it was almost perfect! I say almost because there is always room for improvement and every new build is a learning experience. We really love the slide out milk crate nesting boxes and the sliding door.

This style of coop is called an open air coop. The open side faces away from prevailing wind and weather, south facing for us. This is thought to be the best coop design for healthy chickens, no matter the climate. Many people think that a chicken coop should be sealed up tight to keep the chickens warm. This is a false and dangerous idea for your flock. The best thing you can do for your winter flock is to give them lots of ventilation because moisture is the enemy during the cold months. The coop should never be built to warm the chicken, but rather be built to allow the chickens to warm themselves by keeping them dry and out of the wind.

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  1. We are in SE Michigan – you’re absolutely spot on when you talk about the worst things for coops is moisture (condensation) and stale air. Love the design on your coop – it’s delightful, functional, cute and airy! Well done!!!

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